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Welcome to the clinic of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy

Prof. Hachenberg

I welcome you to the pages of our clinic.

The services provided by our clinic include:

Performing, monitoring, and following up on approximately 22,500 anesthesia services annually for general and local anesthesia.

Care of seriously ill patients, severely injured patients (polytrauma) or patients after major surgery our intensive care units and intermediate care unit.

Every year, more than 1900 chronic pain patients are cared for in our hospital's pain outpatient clinic. Our acute pain service provides around-the-clock care for postoperative pain patients with local or spinal pain catheters.

The clinic provides emergency physicians for the emergency ambulance stationed at our hospital, as well as half of the emergency physicians (specialists) on the rescue helicopter "Christoph 36".

I would like to draw your attention in particular to our range of advanced and further training courses.

The clinic has full authorization for further training in the subject of "Anesthesiology" as well as for the additional titles "Special Anesthesiological Intensive Care Medicine", "Special Surgical Intensive Care Medicine", "Special Pain Therapy" and "Emergency Medicine".

The training of our students is also close to our hearts. For this purpose, the clinic offers an emergency course with the patient simulator "SimMan 3G", on which students and staff can practice emergency situations.

However, we train not only physicians, but also anesthesia and intensive care nursing staff.

If you want to learn more about our clinic and its subdivisions, please use the menu above.

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The staff of the University Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Therapy not only care for patients in the Operationssälen  on the Campus Leipziger Straße but also at the Women's Clinic of the Univesity. Also on our two Intensivstationen  with a total of 24 ventilation beds and the Intermediate Care Unit with currently six monitoring beds are staffed by employees of our clinic. Furthermore, anesthesiologists are also employed in our Schmerzambulanz  for acute and chronic pain patients there and as  Notärzte active in the rescue service of the city of Magdeburg on the ground and on the helicopter Christoph 36.

The area of research and teaching includes experimental anesthesiology, continuing medical education, student teaching with skills lab and PJ training.

The Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care has both clinical and experimental/therapeutic research projects.

Research cooperations exist with different clinics/institutes of the faculty and the university, as well as with international partners.

Kinderanästhesietag 2023

Am 14. Januar 2023 findet unser Magdeburger Kinderanästhesietag wieder statt. Mehr Infos

Anästhesiologisches Kolloquium Dienstag 15:45 - 17.00

Die Konferenzen werden von der Ärztekammer Sachsen-Anhalt für die Erlangung des Fortbildungsdiploms mit 2 Punkten gewertet.

Ort: Seminarraum Anästhesie, Hs. 60, Ebene 3

Anmeldung über das Sekretariat Prof. Hachenberg: 0391-67-13500


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