Emergency Medicine

The University Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care has a long tradition in emergency medicine. One of the first German emergency ambulances was put into service in Magdeburg as early as 1960, the first vehicle of its kind in eastern Germany. Since then, the clinic has been actively involved in preclinical emergency medical care for acutely ill or seriously injured emergency patients.

Notfallmedizinisches Zentrum Magdeburg
40 Jahre anästhesiologische Initiativen, Impressionen und Interaktionen am Hochschulklinikum
A. Anderson · K.D.Booß · U.Ebmeyer · F.Heres · D.Hoffmeyer · F. Reinhold · W.Röse · C.Schneemilch
Notfall & Rettungsmedizin 2001(4):596-603 ©Springer-Verlag


Emergency doctor service on the emergency medical vehicle NEF

Currently, about 3,200 patients are treated annually by the emergency ambulance stationed at the hospital. Only anesthesiologists with the additional designation "emergency medicine" are used in the emergency medical service.

Emergency doctor service on the emergency medical vehicle NEF


  • Continuous 24-hour service
  • Provided by the Arbeiter Samariter Bund (ASB), only emergency paramedics or rescue paramedics are used as assistants to the emergency physician
  • approx. 3,200 missions/year
  • NEF: Mercedes Vito
  • Reserve-NEF: Audi Q5
  • special backpack system for the treatment of several patients in a row
  • regular internships for future emergency physicians and paramedic students
  • Students in their practical year who complete their elective course in anesthesia must spend at least three days on the NEF.
  • Students from the 4th year of study onwards can observe the NEF by prior appointment
  • Electronic, mobile documentation of operations as a basis for internal quality management


Group of Leading Emergency Physicians

Seven emergency physicians with the qualification of leading emergency physician work at the clinic. Together with the leading emergency physicians from two other hospital departments in Magdeburg, they participate in the permanent on-call service of the leading emergency physician group of the state capital Magdeburg for possible major incidents.

Additional title "Emergency Medicine"

The clinic regularly holds continuing education courses on emergency medicine, at least twice a year, together with the State Medical Association. The courses for the acquisition of the additional title "Emergency Medicine" as well as refresher courses are held by Landesärztekammer Sachsen-Anhalt . The same applies to the courses for qualification as a leading emergency physician. The cooperation with the Fire Protection and Disaster Control School in Heyrothsberge has proven very successful. The excellent training scenarios and models that exist at this internationally renowned training center for fire department managers can be used by us for the practical training of future emergency physicians.

Information / Registration:
Academy for Continuing Medical Education of the Saxony-Anhalt Medical Association
Herr Jonzek / Frau Bauer
Doctor-Eisenbart-Ring 2
39120 Magdeburg
Tel.: 0391-6054724


The chair is involved in student training with lectures, seminars and practical courses on emergency treatment. In order to be able to effectively teach and train the practical aspects of emergency therapy, a special teaching facility, the "Emergency Parcours", has been set up. The evaluation of the student examination results always showed excellent results for the Magdeburg graduates. Special in-depth courses in emergency medicine are offered every semester as part of the elective course "Practical Emergency Medicine".

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