Intensive Therapy

In our two intensive care units with 24 ventilation beds, approximately 1,800 patients are cared for each year following major surgery, serious accidents, sepsis or internal diseases with disruptions of vital organ systems. Differentiated ventilation therapies, organ replacement procedures (dialysis, MARS, ECMO) and advanced hemodynamic monitoring are available at all bed sites. Our Intermediate Care Station currently includes six beds for monitoring postoperative patients or accident victims.

Intensive care medicine in Magdeburg, as in many other places, has its roots in anesthesiology. The anaesthesiological intensive care unit at Otto von Guericke University was put into operation in 1976 at the then Medical Academy as the first and initially only intensive care unit. The intensive care units of other specialties followed later. After the move to house 60a in 2003, a total of 12 beds in 7 rooms were available, 5 rooms with two beds and two rooms with one bed each. Since 2018, the formerly general surgical intensive care unit has also been under anesthesiological management, adding another twelve bed spaces to our intensive care capacity.

Our intensive care units are mainly used for the treatment of multiple injured and critically ill patients as well as for the postoperative care of high-risk patients from the university hospitals for general, visceral, vascular and transplant surgery, ear, nose and throat medicine, oral and maxillofacial surgery, urology, orthopedics and plastic surgery. We also provide intensive care for patients with neurological and internal medical conditions. In addition, our clinic provides a resuscitation team, which is staffed by experienced employees of the intensive care units.

Medical Director ITS1: OA Dr. med. Torben Esser
Medical Management ITS2: OA Dr. med. Florian Prätsch
Medical Management IMC: OA Dr. med. Jörg Kugler, D.E.S.A.

Nursing Management ITS1: Nurse Kristian Gaudian
Nursing Management ITS2: Nurse Kerstin Schütt
Nursing Management IMC: Nurse Antje Staufenbiel

Patienten- und Angehörigeninformation zum Aufenthalt auf Intensivstationen

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