Haus 39-2
Haus 39-2

Pain Therapy

Concept of an Interdiscipliary Pain Outpatient Clinic

The pain outpatient clinic of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care at Magdeburg University Hospital was opened in 1992. Since then, it has been a training center recognized according to the criteria of the DGAI for the acquisition of the additional designation "Special Pain Therapy".

We treat outpatients with chronic pain, but also pain patients on the wards of our university hospital. We advise physicians on problems of pain therapy and hold an interdisciplinary pain conference with patient presentations once a month. Furthermore, we hold pain therapy Fortbildungsveranstaltungen Region for specialist staff at the clinic and in the region.

We do not have dedicated beds for pain patients and therefore cannot provide inpatient treatment services.

Our team consists of a doctor of anesthesiology, a doctor of psychiatry and psychotherapy, a rehabilitation psychologist, a physiotherapist and a specialist nurse.

We work closely with the other departments of our university hospital. At the same time, therapy is carried out in cooperation with colleagues in private practice.

This collaboration within and outside the university enables a holistic approach to the diagnosis and therapy of pain patients. This means that we consider the psyche as well as the physical condition of the patient.


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